Second Phone Number
Sim-Free! Get a second or multiple anonymous phone numbers for calling and texting.
2nd Phone Number
Tap & Call is designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs, business people and sales people, who effectively need a separation between their personal lives and the work place. Do you want to manage multiple phone numbers or use US, UK and other 60+ countries’ numbers from one device? It is all possible now with 2nd!
Inform the callers why you cannot respond
Call Recorder
Record incoming and outgoing calls for numbers provided by Tap & Call.
Call & Text Internationally
Local number for 30+ countries
Separate work & personal communication
Use separate numbers for work and home. Find a work-life balance just with one app.
Unlimited sending and receiving SMS
Your numbers are stored in the cloud so you can enjoy the superior speed and quality of telecoms with minimal internet connection.